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Our customers wanted a STAIN that was ready mixed…what we got was a step up— a Stain & Oil Coating All in One!! This oil is strong enough for flooring. It is so incredibly easy to use, apply and has exceptional durability for wear and tear and it’s Eco-friendly. The smaller size is 237ml which is enough to do several large table tops. TIP: Depending on how many coats you apply, you will get a stain to solid opaque coverage! Natural Stain & Finishing Oil can be also used over any of the Fusion Mineral Paints or Stains to give extra sheen and protection.

These stains are non-toxic. They are composed of plant products, safflower oil, tung oil, linseed oil, vegetable wax, highly safe isoparaffine odorless mineral solvent and cobalt free siccative which means effective drying and results in a very hard finish that can be washed over and over again.

Natural (clear) Stain & Finishing Oil can be used over darker paint colors in a light coat to add sheen and extra protection. Cappuccino, Ebony, Golden Pine, Driftwood and White can be used over any color as a glaze to add depth or a restoration hardware type finish

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Cappuccino (237ml/8oz), Cappuccino (Quart), Driftwood (237ml/8oz), Driftwood (Quart), Ebony (237ml/8oz), Golden Pine (237ml/8oz), Natural (237ml/8oz), Natural (Quart), White (237ml/8oz)


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