Sample Size Melange ONE Paint


Melange ONE formula with built in primer and topcoat, no sealer needed but may be applied for additional protection.


  • Sample (1 oz): Approx 2 square feet

Aloe-a calm, grounded medium green

Basilisk– the moodiest “almost-black” with dueling green and blue undertones! So brooding, dark, and striking

Cozy Cottage– a warm brown, with toasty depth and richness. Perfect for boho, farmhouse, hygge and cottagecore aesthetics

Cyclades– a lush, exotic teal

Devotee– a soft, muted, blue gray

Epiphany -a stunning ecru; a light neutral.

Fairy Ring– a dreamy, rich mushroom mauve with the earthiest undertones.

Fern– a freshcut green, bold and lively.

Free Spirit– an ethereal blue-green

Jacob’s Well – a deep, mysterious, hunter green.

Knapsack -a canvas colored neutral with a bit of green undertone.

Matagorda– a very light silvery green gray

Mojave -a rusted peachy brown, on trend for desert and boho aesthetics.

Nevermore -a mysterious purple noir, surely the exact hue of the Raven’s plumage.

Oyster– a very light, warm gray.

Perfect– a slightly warm white with just a touch of greige undertone.

Plie’ – a soft, classic, ballet pink.

Pontchartrain– a deep, moody, cool green

Salute -a bold, bright navy.

Shell– an off white with golden undertones.

Silky -a medium dark, Victorian blue with gray undertones.

Solstice -an earthy, muted, sage green.

Sonora Rose– a medium, dusty rose pink with coral undertones.

Sunday -a light, cool, pearly gray.

Talley– a medium earthy, olive green

Turtledove -a warm, soft taupe gray with mushroom beige undertones.


  • Sample (1 oz): Approx 2 square feet.


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Apothecary, Epiphany, Knapsack, Perfect, Talley, Vagabond, Aloe, Azure, Basilisk, Bikini, Coralcotta, Cozy Cottage, Cyclades, Devotee, Eventide, Fairy Ring, Fern, Free Spirit, Granite, Jacob's Well, Mango, Matagorda, Mink, Mojave, Nevermore, Nomadic, Oyster, Patchouli, Plie’, Pontchartrain, Salute, Shell, Silky, Solstice, Sonora Rose, Sunday, Thistle, Three Trees, Traveler, Turtledove, Vintage, Vixen, Zephyr


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