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Mélange Modern Cabinetry Enamel

Mélange MODERN is a water-based urethane alkyd enamel formula, ideal for doors, trim, molding and cabinetry. MODERN may also be used on furniture when an enamel finish is desired. Mélange MODERN provides a flawless, smooth, satin sheen that cures to a rock-hard enamel finish for the extreme durability of traditional oil-based paints, but with the ease of water-based clean up.

Apothecary– one of our best chameleon colors, a rich gray with brown undertones

Basilisk– the moodiest “almost-black” with dueling green and blue undertones! So brooding, dark, and striking

Nom de Plume – an airy, versatile greige

Junket– a light, warm gray

Vagabond– a moody blue black


  • Sample (1 oz): Approx 2 square feet.


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Apothecary, Jett, Nom De Plume, Talley, Vagabond, Basilisk, Junket, Shell


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