NEW New York by Melange ONE Paint


Melange ONE formula has a built in primer and topcoat, no sealer needed but may be applied for additional protection.

New York Black- now our blackest black! Even darker than our beloved Jett Black, New York Black is a bold, dramatic and big-city sophisticated hue with no undertones; sure to be an instant classic in your palette.

Due to the highly saturated nature of this shade, we suggest three coats for full coverage.

New York Black Light Reflecting Value (LRV): 2.5

Jett Black Light Reflecting Value (LRV): 5


  • Pint (16 oz): Aprox 75 square feet.

  • Half-Pint (8 oz): Approx 35 square feet.

  • Sample (1 oz): Approx 2 square feet.


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Melange ONE Paints

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1 oz (sample), 16 oz, 8 oz, Quart (32oz)