Lily Flowers – Prima Decor Mould



Lily Flowers Redesign with Prima Decor Mould

5″ x 8″, 8mm thicknes

Elevate your decor projects with our Redesign with Prima® Decor Moulds®. Made of high quality heat resistant and food safe silicone, our Decor Moulds® can be used with a variety of mediums such as paper clay, modeling materials, clay, resin and even chocolate confections. As easy as pouring your favorite medium and releasing a highly decorative casting in seconds.

Learn more about how to use Redesign with Prima Decor Moulds -> HERE

We recommend the following Resin for making Moulds.  It’s super easy to use and is ready to apply in 10 mins.  Creates flexible, paintable moulds -> HERE



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Redesign with Prima


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