Fusion Staalmeester Microfelt Paint Roller & Refills


The Staalmeester Microfelt paint rollers help you achieve a smooth flawless finish.  Goes perfectly with Fusion Mineral Paint, leaving a super smooth even finish.  Staalmeester microfelt paint rollers can be used with all lacquers, paints  and varnishes. Great for large paint projects for quick easy coverage!  The Microfelt rollers are easy to clean and reuse! After rinsing the roller refills out they can be thrown in a your washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

The Fusion Staalmeester microfelt rollers come in three sizes:

  • 10 cm mini roller 4″ with 5mm nap (refills also fit Fusion’s microfiber roller handle)
  • 12 cm midi roller 4.5″ with 5mm nap
  • 18 cm large roller 7″ with 9mm nap


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10CM Long Handle Roller, 10CM Roller refill 10 pk, 10CM Roller refill 2 pk, 10CM Short Handle Roller, 12CM Roller refill 5 pk, 12CM Short Handle Roller, 18CM Roller Refill 2PK, 18CM Short Handle Roller


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