Dime Box Melange Artisan Mineral Paint


Our original Artisan Mineral Formula, which requires sealing with a topcoat but is great for blended paint finishes and distressing. You can use Melange Board & Boot, Fusion Wax or Tough Coat to seal.  If you are looking for this color in our All-In-One single step formula with built in primer and topcoat, please click here: ONE Dime Box

Dime Box: a warm, rich, creamy white.

If you’d like to see a comparison of all the Melange One Whites you can find that here.

Photo Credit: Refreshed by Jess


  • Pint (16 oz): Aprox 75 square feet.

  • Half-Pint (8 oz): Approx 35 square feet.

  • Sample (1 oz): Approx 2 square feet.



Melange Artisan Mineral Paint

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1 oz (sample), 16 oz, 8 oz