Buttermilk Cream Fusion Mineral Paint – Limited Release Color


Buttermilk Cream – Just as the name suggests, this soft creamy yellow champions comfort and ease.  It evokes a sense of coziness, perfect for bringing warmth to any space. Yearly Limited Release.  Grab this color while it’s available!

Description.  For busy DIYers, Fusion Mineral Paint is the professional’s choice for exceptional color, coverage, and durability. Minimal prep, ease of application, low VOC, great coverage (Pints cover up to 75 sq ft), and a built-in top coat. No waxing required!! Fusion has more than 60 gorgeous colors to choose from, giving you lots of choices for your next project!

FREE U.S. Shipping on $80+ orders. 2 pints of Fusion ship for same price as 1 pint!  Join our free Loyalty and Rewards Program.

Learn how to Paint it Beautiful with Fusion Mineral Paint, head to the Official Fusion Blog and Paint it Beautiful Facebook page, and watch and learn on the  Official Fusion Mineral Paint YouTube Channel for a lot more inspiration!



Fusion Mineral Paint


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