Armordilla Impenetrable Top Coat by Melange


Amordilla by Mélange Paints is a water based formula ideal for wood and painted surfaces that require extra durability, protection, and water resistance. Available in Satin Finish only.

Directions for use: Ensure surface is clean, dry and free of dust. Stir contents thoroughly and frequently during use. Do not shake container. Apply Amordilla in thin coats with a pad applicator, sponge applicator or high quality topcoat brush. Lightly sanding between coats is recommended. Allow 1-2 hours dry time between coats. Cleans up easily with soap and water.

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Fusion Mineral Paint

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Gloss (120 ML/4oz), Gloss (500 ML/16.9oz), Matte (120 ML/4oz), Matte (500 ML/16.9oz)

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