Prep is KEY to a long lasting finish. Start your project with Fusion TSP Degreaser, Scuff Sand, Clean again and you are ready to paint!!
To see how to scuff sand see our blog post & video on Prep HERE

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  • Melange Clear Bonding Primer 16oz


    Our Clear Bonding Primer is a fast dry multi-surface transparent primer. Dry to touch in 30 mins, recoat in 1 hour. Can be used over unpainted surfaces, water based or oil based paints. Primer is water-based for easy cleanup. Suitable for sealing wood, and porous surfaces. Has some stain blocking properties but may not block stubborn tannins.

    For tannin blocking, please use our Stain Blocking Primer. Coverage is approximately 75 square feet per pint. Apply with brush, foam roller or sprayer.

  • Scrubby Soap


    The great thing about Fusion is that it really sticks!  The bad thing is that Fusion sticks well to hands!  Scrubby Soap is perfect for getting Fusion off of hands, feet, elbows and legs (if you’re me).  The soap is a glycerin soap infused with Florida citrus oil and aloe and made into a scrubby sponge.  It comes in three scents, Lemon, Lime and Orange.

    Scrubby Soap is a bar of all natural soap, with a scrubber inside that fills the entire size of the bar. The bars are made of all natural biodegradable oils.  Rather than using harsh synthetic cleaning agents, we use citrus oil. The combination of citrus oil and the scrubber creates the ultimate soap for removing dirt, grease, oil, and paint.  Scrubby is not just for your hands, it can also be used on paint brushes.

    Citrus oil is an amazing biproduct of great citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons. These support the deep cleaning strength of all Scrubby Soaps.

    Our potently fresh scents come from 100% natural essential oils such as orange, lemon, and lime. NO fragrances are used in the soaps.

    You! Anyone who’s getting dirty, greasy, oily or covered in paint.

  • Fusion Mineral Paint Austin Texas

    Distressing Beeswax Block by Fusion


    Using a wax resist allows for easy distressing!

    For exact placement of distressed lines and edges press the wax along the edges where you would like to see the distressed antiquing effect between layers of paint.

    Anything that is applied on top of the waxed areas will easily distress without too much sanding! You will notice this resist once you are giving your piece a light sanding at the end of your application of all layers of paint.

    The paint underneath the wax will remain in place, and any paint applied on top of the wax will come off effortlessly, allowing for the perfect distressed look.

    This is a pure, 100% natural beeswax block.

  • Fusion Continuous Spray Bottle


    Fusion’s Continuous Spray Bottle can be used for cleaning with Fusion TSP Alternative or for blending paints.

  • Fusion Odorless Solvent


    Fusion’s Odourless Solvent is a virtually scent-free, mild, mineral spirit.  It is ideally suited to thinning oils for faster drying time and cleaning paint tools.  Works well to remove wax on waxed or oiled wood, as well as cleaning wax brushes.

  • Fusion Transition Color Concealer


    Do you need to paint a light color over a dark color and don’t want to paint many coats?  That’s the purpose of Fusion’s NEW Transition color concealer.  This off- white paint is made from recycled pigments from Fusion’s production line.  It does not have the same adhesion as the rest of the Fusion paint line because it has a different make-up.  However, it’s half the price of the paint!  You can sandwich Transition between two coats of white paint for to save yourself time & money.  It’s perfect for Picket Fence, CasementRaw Silk or any of the Fusion Whites.  Allow 4-6 hours dry time between coats.


  • Fusion Paint Extender


    Extender is great for those who want a longer open time with the paint, to help minimize the look of brush strokes and to extend drying time.

    Recommended ratio of 15 mL per pint (500 mL) of paint.

    Using too much of this product will increase drying time substantially, but also increases cure time.  Add maximum 10% of original paint volume.

    • Makes Fusion Mineral Paint and other water based paints flow more smoothly
    • Reduces brush and roller marks
    • Reduces wear on spray guns



  • Dolphin Fine Square Sanding Sponge


    Fine Flexible Sanding Sponge is 4″ x 2 5/8″ x 1″ flexible sanding sponge, with a FINE surface on all 4 sides.

    Package of 1

  • Fusion Sanding Pads (1)


    These Sanding Pads measures 4.5″ x 5.5″ x 0.2″ and can be used for normal sanding as well as wet sanding.  Comes in 120, 150, 180 & 220 Grit.

    Included: 1 sponge

  • Fusion Mineral Paint Austin Texas

    Fusion Ultra Grip


    Have a really tricky surface to paint? Our Ultra Grip allows for Fusion™ to adhere to surfaces that are typically not for painting such as a lacquered surface, laminate, metal or glass.

    This water based emulsion increases the adhesion of Fusion™ colours to glossy, hard to grip surfaces. Milky when wet, dries translucent with very good clarity. Test your methods and product combinations prior to applying in order to ensure desired effects. For optimum adhesion, clean the surface to be painted with T.S.P. and sand lightly to roughen the surface.


    Apply one very thin coat. Allow to dry for 12 hours before applying subsequent coats of Fusion™ colours. Clean up with water.


    Apply 2 thin coats of Ultra Grip an hour apart.  Once Ultra Grip is dry, place decoupage paper on surface and use Iron on Medium to press the paper in place.  This is a great way to decoupage without getting air bubbles and creases.  

  • Melange Stain Blocking Primer 16oz


    Our stain blocking primer is a waterbased formula with advanced adhesion, stain blocking and sealing properties. Blocks tannin bleed thru from woods like Oak, Mahogany and Cherry.  May be used on wood, masonry, metal and drywall.

    Directions for use:

    Properly prepare surfaces before application process. Stir primer well before and occasionally during use. Apply with a microfiber roller, synthetic brush, or airless sprayer. Dries to the touch in 30 minutes, additional coat may be applied in one hour. Two coats are recommended for projects with heavy stains, odor, and tannin-rich wood. Thinning may be required if spraying. Cleans easily with soap and water. Low VOC.

  • Paint Kit by Fusion


    Our Paint it Beautiful application and finishing kit includes:

    • 1″ Synthetic Brush
    • Roller frame with roller pad
    • 1 Extra roller pad
    • Sanding pads
    • Application towels

    Everything you need to do a project start to finish!

    Unfortunately, due to high shipping rates and this item having to ship in a separate box, it’s sold online for a higher price than in store to account for shipping.  We’ve done our best to keep this product as reasonable as possible.

  • Anvil Furniture Cleaner & Degreaser by Melange


    Anvil No-Rinse Furniture Cleaner & Degreaser makes getting your new project ready for paint as quick and easy as possible! The naturally derived neutral pH formula is hard-working to remove soils, odors and grease from your surfaces while gentle enough to use on finished pieces. No rinsing is needed, simply wipe any dust, dirt or loose particles off, spray to cover surface with Anvil, then wipe your project down with a clean cloth. Allow to dry to the touch before painting.

    Please note: This product will not suds up like an ordinary soap. This cleaner is designed for use on pieces with mild to moderate cleaning needed, such as typical sticky, greasy or dusty messes. For extremely dirty pieces, washing or hosing down first is recommended to remove heavy soils.

    To use concentrate: 1 oz of concentrate makes 16 oz of cleaner (add 15 oz of water).

    Can be used on sealed wood, laminate, vinyl, glazed tile, sealed concrete, marble, granite, natural stone, and even countertops, toilets, sinks, and glass surfaces. Light citrus scent.

    Keep out of reach of children. Keep from freezing.

  • TSP Degreaser by Fusion Mineral Paint


    Fusion™ TSP is a water-based biodegradable degreaser used to thoroughly clean bare wood or a painted surface prior to applying paint. Highly effective, it removes oil, grease, fingerprints, stains and other contaminants, which will improve the adhesion and long term durability of your new finish.

    Safe to use on all surfaces (wood, paint, gypsum, melamine, plastics, metals and glass). Fusion™TSP is environmentally friendly and contains no phosphates.  The best part is there’s no rinsing the surface after you clean with Fusion’s TSP unlike the store bought toxic versions.

    Fusion TSP is concentrated and should be mixed with water per the instructions on the bottle.  Try mixing in Fusion’s Continuous Spray Bottle for faster application.