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    1. If you are painting the marble you’ll need to clean well with Fusion TSP and apply two thin coats of Fusion Ultra Grip before painting. Wait 24 hours after last coat of Ultra Grip to paint.

  1. Thank you, Selina! Great tips! One question for you – when would you need to use Ultra Grip? I actually purchased it to use on some bedside tables that have a commercially painted surface because the first piece I did (a small cabinet) had a similar finish but the Fusion paint didn’t stick well, even though I cleaned it first with Fusion TSP and scuff sanded with the Fusion sandpaper as you have suggested.

    1. Terri, ultra grip is made to help paint bond to difficult surfaces. If it’s high gloss or is non-porous like Formica or glass. Sounds like your factory finish may be one of those difficult surfaces. Clean, scuff sand, wipe and apply one thin coat of UG before painting. Glad the post was helpful!

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