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  1. Hi. This is my first time with fusion paint so excited to try. I previously painted a few years bedside tables in black chalk paint but how would like to lighten up my 4 poster oak bed and dresser. What cream color fusion would look ok with the black accents already in the room . Thank you.

  2. Hi. I’m new to Fusion . I bought 2 pieces to todo and was wondering what your thoughts were on ebony sfo for an oak table and cashmere for the base and legs I also have an old wash stand i would like to do surface and drawers in Ebony the rest in cashmere.

    1. I think that combo would look beautiful! Just keep in mind that sfo needs to be applied to raw wood. Good luck with your projects!

  3. Being new to FMP, and just going by naked eye, I chose Little Whale for my master bedroom nightstands. Now I see it’s a perfect color for nursery furniture, as claimed. 🙂 Can you recommend a color I might mix with it to give it more of a blue gray tone? I could go with a totally different color (Blue Pine, Paisley?) over the Little Whale, but hate to invest in more colors that I might not be happy with, still.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. I would suggest adding a tester of Ash to the Little Whale. On the fan deck there’s a recipe for a Vintage Blue which is a light blue gray that’s beautiful and that’s the recipe for it. If all else fails, I’d suggest ordering a Fusion Color Card which has real painted samples of all the Fusion colors.

      1. I LOVE that idea! Especially since I was considering painting my front door Ash. What a perfect solution!

        Thank you so much!

  4. I bummed that scared Sage fusion mineral paint is discontinued. It looks like Godness Ashawandgha is a replacement of sacred sage. Am I right??

    1. Goddess Ashwagandha is another discontinued color that was more of an off white, not like Sacred Sage. Check out Bellwood or Eucalyptus they are both pretty close to Sacred Sage.

  5. Hello!
    I painted furniture in putty and it is amazing color. I would like to pain my veranda pine plank walls a similar color. What color would you suggest for walls ? Sherwin, BM … thank you so much. I want to paint a dining table with fusion that will be in that veranda. What color will you suggest to have a minimalist and calm atmosphere? This is a home by a lake!

    1. Hi Val! I’m really not that familiar with wall colors so therefore can’t make a good suggestion. I think Fusion Chateau for your dining table would be a beautiful soothing off white that would be calming and minimalistic. Good luck with your project!

  6. Can you please help with color suggestions? Bedroom walls and trim are BM Simply White.
    I have just painted bureaus in Fusion Goddess Ashwagandha. Although both bureaus are painted with Goddess, being in different parts of the room, the color looks a little different. Would you suggest I paint the last bureau Goddess or a different color? Also I have some accessories (lamps,etc) that I would like to paint a color that would coordinate. Maybe a darker and/or lighter shade that would make things pop? Your thoughts?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan! I think I’d paint your last Bureau Goddess Ashwagandha and then pick a color that coordinates with your bedding to use on your accessories. It’s hard to say without seeing that. Just about any of the colors go with Goddess. Hope that helps.

    1. It’s hard to say without knowing the other colors in your room but I’d suggest looking at Fusion Putty,Pebble & Little Lamb or Melange Restoration Bronze.

    1. I think you could definitely do Raw Silk which is a very neutral warm white. Not bright white but not cream but will compliment your new wall and trim color nicely.

  7. Your swatch photo is one of my most referenced pins. You’ve one a great job and showing the actual colours. I love it. Is there any chance you would do the same thing and add in the new shades of white? No one has created a reference to compare the new whites with the olds. You’d do the best job of it.

    1. It’s currently in the works. Just waiting on the new paint samples and I’ll be updating this to include the new whites. Thank you!

  8. Hi! I am painting the bed frame in my daughters room. Her walls are Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Can you recommend a white that would work? Would casement be too bright for the cloud white walls?

    Thank you so much for your help on this!

    1. With BM cloud white I’d recommend Casement which is a bright white or Raw silk which is between a bright white and a cream if you’re not wanting a stark white like Casement. Hope this helps.

  9. Hello! My walls are White Dove BM, my coffee table raw silk and i want to paint a console in the same living room. For a fresh natural cottage look witch color would you suggest ?

    1. It’s hard to say without knowing the other colors you’re using in your room but Fusion Putty would be a nice neutral color that would go well with your coffee table and walls. If you accent with blues or greens you could go with something like Fusion French Eggshell. Hope this helps!

  10. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I have a dresser refinished in General Finishes Alabaster, what would be the best Fusion white to match it for refinishing our nightstands?

    1. It’s hard to tell in the pictures of that color but I think it’s somewhere between Champlain and Raw Silk. I’d suggest ordering testers of those colors or a color card. Hope that helps.

  11. Hello! I just bought a white bed of the brimnes series from ikea and two drawers. My old nightstands are cream white hemnes from ikea too. But they looks yellow now beside the new bed. Which white would be more suited to my new bed?
    Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards

  12. Hi! Do you have any idea what a similar Sherwin WIlliams color would be to Casement? Thanks for any thoughts you might have. Have a great day!

  13. Hi, I am wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets which are a light birch color wood.I want to paint them a fusion white but don’t know what color. My countertops will be a quartz white color but haven’t picked it out yet.I’m definitely getting quartz countertops.What is a popular white for kitchen cabinets? Thank you so much. I’m heading to read your blog now! So glad I found you.

    1. I’d say the 2 most popular whites for cabinets are Casement and Raw silk. Since you’re going with white guartz countertops you’ll probably want to go with Casement which is a bright white. Raw silk is more of a warm white. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi again, I’m getting ready to place my order for Casement. I want to use the stain and finishing oil as a top coat. If I am using Casement should I purchase the oil in white? Thank you.

        1. Stain & Finishing is normally not recommended over light colors because it’s oil based and will turn yellow. If you’d like to try to white staining and finishing oil that may be your best option besides using Tough Coat which is what’s recommended over light colors.

    1. I’d recommend Raw Silk. It’s not a bright white or an off white. It’s right in the middle and is a warm white.

  14. Hello! I recent painted my kitchen chairs in casement, but they’re a bit too bright white for the room. How can I tone down the white a bit?

    1. If you’d like to tone the color down I’d recommend applying Fusion antiquing glaze over the casement. Glaze would really be the only option for chairs, not wax, since they get a lot of use and wax can wear off over time.

  15. Hello, I recently purchased a large acacia wood coffee table. Unfortunately the light brown coloring does not match my flooring so I would like to paint it in casement or raw silk The tabletop is not smooth, but rather has grooves. Just wondering if that means I need to sand it first or if I will have trouble with coverage? Thank you!

    1. It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the table but paint should cover any type of wood. Of course, any grooves that are there will still be visible unless you sand those areas smooth. Hope this helps! Feel free to email us if you have other questions.

  16. What color would you suggest to match Annie Sloan’s Original White? I’d like to paint my kitchen chairs and prefer to use mineral paint rather than chalk paint.

    Thank you!

    1. I think the closest to Annie Sloan Original White would be Fusion Limestone. Let us know if you need any other help.

  17. Please help to choose white for my kitchen, appliances is matte white (GE Cafe line) with a bronze handles. Cabinet handles will be similar. Backsplash,countertop planing to do in white with some bronze accent. Raw silk looking very warm, tested

    1. If you’re wanting a bright white like your appliances which I would recommend, you’ll want to use Casement. Casement is a bright white with no undertones. Very neutral and meant to mimic the color of white trim. Hope that helps.

  18. Do you think Fusion Raw Silk would be comparable to Sherwin Williams Alabaster? I have stainless steel appliances and dark gray granite counter tops. Do you think this would pull yellow/cream? I’m not looking for bright white or cream, just a soft warm white like Alabaster….
    Thank you so much!

    1. Raw Silk sounds like the perfect color fir your project! It’s not a bright white and it’s not a cream. It’s a warm white and doesn’t pull yellow. Very neutral.

  19. Do you know which white (I’m guessing Casement or Picket Fence) would match up to Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. I’m painting part of a desk to match trim and cabinetry and part if it will be Heirloom. The walls are adhere in Williams Sea Frost.

  20. I am planning on painting a vintage wooden secretary to go in my guest room. I would like to coordinate with my woodwork. The woodwork is painted with Sherwin Williams Snowbound. My walls are a silvery gray color. Which white would work best?

    1. If you’re coordinating or wanting to get close to SW Snowbound I’d go with Champlain. It’s an off white with a very slight gray undertone. Very close to SW Snowbound.

  21. Hi, my bed is in silver leaf, the bedside tables are painted in fusion casement, what color can I paint the dresser? Thanks for your suggestions

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your bedroom, color of walls, bedding, etc. I think you could easily go with Casement or Little Lamb on the dresser unless you’d like to do a statement color like Seaside, Damask or Pressed Fern. Again, it’s really dependent on the other colors in the room. If you’d like to email me at pictures of the room, I’d be happy to give other recommendations.

  22. Hi! I’ve been seriously overthinking whether I should paint my cabinets with Picket Fence or Casement. My walls are a light grey (BM Balboa Mist).

    The popsicle stick I picked up from my local Fusion retailer – Casement looked much darker than PF, and kind of dingy. But maybe it was mislabelled.

    Any insight?

    1. Picket Fence and Casement are almost identical in color. Picket fence may be a tad brighter but on cabinets I don’t think you’ll notice a difference at all. Picket Fence does tend to take more coats then Casement for full coverage in my opinion. Hope that helps.

  23. I’m looking to match my contrast trim of Ben Moore’s Revere Pewter with Fusion paint, which color would you suggest to match closest?

    1. Fusion Putty would be the closest the that color. The next option, a little lighter, would be Cathedral Taupe.

  24. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. ? I have a large cabinet (8ft long) that has given me some trouble. My walls are Benjamin Moore Simply White and I also wanted the cabinet to be white, so I painted it the same color. The cabinet was a different sheen than the wall and stood out like a sore thumb. It was much brighter than the wall and caused the wall to look gray/dull/dirty. I have recently painted it revere pewter and that paint color has a pink undertone in certain light. I still want the cabinet to be white. Which Fusion color is most like BM Simply White or would coordinate best with Simply White? Also, does Fusion less sheen than Satin finish?

    1. Casement is going to be very similar to BM Simply White. It has no undertones to it and is a very pure bright white. Fusion dries to a matte finish. If you’d like to add sheen you can use the Matte Tough Coat (satin finish) or Glossy Tough Coat (glossy finish). If you’re looking for more of a semi gloss finish you can mix Matte and Glossy together to achieve that. Hope this helps.

        1. Hi Lisa,
          You’re so generous with your knowledge, I’m very thankful.
          My bedroom is BM mascarpone and has a yellow undertone and I just refinished a mid century dresser for bedside to original walnut. Wanting to paint tall boy and long dresser a fusion white. Perhaps something with not much yellow tone. Btw, I’ve been using Fusion on other pieces and I Love it!
          Thanks for your time, Jeannie

          1. Hi Jeannie! Champlain or Raw Silk may be good options for you. There’s a blog post on this website that compares all Fusion Whites with a description. That may help you.

        1. Water based top coats only turn yellow over whites if the surface under the paint needed to be primed. Basically, it’s pulling tannins up through the paint from the wood. Water based top coats like Fusion Tough Coat, are non yellowing.

  25. I’m looking to paint my staircase risers, trim going up the stairs and spindles. We have bright white trim around the entrance/base of the stairs. I would love to use raw silk but I’m worried it will clash with the trim. Thoughts?

    1. Raw silk would actually be a good choice. It goes well with bright whites and off whites. It’s right in the middle, a warm white. If you go to my blog post on painting cabinets you’ll see my cabinets I did in Raw silk and the door in my pantry and all the trim were bright white. Good luck with your project!

  26. My cabinets are FMP Putty. Which white would pair well for the backsplash in a room with northern exposure and a rust, peach and black granite countertop?

    1. I think you could use Picket Fence or Casement if you want a bright white or Raw Silk which is a warm neutral white. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those.

  27. I a wanting to use one of the whites to paint over a stained wood that is a honey color. Do I need to use a primer? Thank you

    1. Sounds like if it’s a honey color it could be oak. Oak does bleed thru whites so you would need to prime with Zinnser Bin Shellac Primer. If you’re not sure it’s oak, feel free to send me a pic to and I’m happy to tell you.

  28. Would you have a recommendation for kitchen cabinet and window trim colour to match Sherwin Williams wall colour in Modern Gray. The floor is a natural white oak laminate. I’m thinking one of the Fusion “whites” for the kitchen cabinets, with maybe a black or ash accent on the peninsula. I bought a Sherwin Williams trim paint for the baseboards and window trim, but could still get it tinted if the extra white out of the can is too white. Thank you.

    1. It’s really according to the look you’re going for. I think you could do Casement or Picket Fence if you’re looking for a clean bright white or you could go with Raw Silk which is a warm white to soften the look. Raw silk goes well with off whites and bright whites if you still want to use the bright white on your trim. Another option is to order Tester sizes of each and sample them in your kitchen and lighting to see which one you like better. Hope this helps!

  29. Hi, in the photo above with the 5 pints of “white” paints, can you tell me which one is in the middle of the group?


  30. This is so helpful! I just grabbed picket fence for my small, not well lighted Kitchen but am now wondering if casement would’ve been a better choice. The cabinets are currently bright white but I’m desperate need of some love. Wish I could share pics! Our walls are SW amazing grey and we have no backsplash ?. I also see many people do the two tone cabinets. Good idea or bad?

    1. I’m painting a whole basement kitchen for a family. It is in a walkout basement with natural light. The walls are Repose Gray Sherwin Williams and the flooring is a medium/cool toned LVT product. They are putting in a pool. This whole space is being transformed into the pool lounge area. The quartz is mostly white with hints of gray. I want a neutral off-white that doesn’t look “dirty” for the cabinets. I’m going to do a light glaze over. I’m looking at Limestone, Champlain-what’s your recommendation for a color choice. Maybe I’m missing a color that’s best

      1. That’s tough. The only cool toned white is Lamp White which I think would go beautifully with the colors you’re mentioned. My next choice would be Raw Silk because it’s neutral and goes well with Bright Whites and Off Whites. Happy Painting!

  31. Hi! I want to paint my cabinets white but I have no idea!!!! My walls will be a warm light grey. I’m thinking casement or picket fence but open to any options. Love your info on all the colours!!! Well explained.

    1. Since your walls will be a light gray I think you can go with Picket Fence or Casement. Both of those colors will be coming back in stock in the coming weeks. Not sure what color your countertops are but based on the color of your walls I think those colors would be your best options.

  32. Which of the above whites would you suggest to white wash my brick fireplace? The accent walls are a shade of purple with black bookcases. I was considering possibly lamp, casement, or goddess??

    1. I’d recommend any of those colors. It’s really a personal preference. Are you wanting a bright white casement, a cool bright white Lamp white or an Off white with a gray undertone Goddess? I think Lamp white and casement are going to give you a very clean look whereas Goddess is going to give you a warm muted look. Do you have other colors in the room? What color is your trim?

  33. Hi! I have painted our bedroom nightstand, headboard and footboard in Fusion’s Little Whale paint. Would like to paint our 2 other dressers in a different color so everything is not so matchy-matchy. Would like to go with an off white. I am not sure if Goddess Ashwagnte would work well? Help.
    Many thanks,

    1. Goddess Ashwagandha would be a good option. It’s a beautiful off white with a grey undertone. It also covers in 2 coats which is amazing for an off white. The second option, a little lighter off white, would be Champlain.

  34. I am planning on painting my sofa table and end table legs wih an off white Fusion paint. I will leave tops the natural ash brown color. Leaning towards Champlain. What do you suggest? Do not want grey or too yellow Do like warm shade Thanks

    1. Champlain is a great warm off white but does have a slight gray undertone. It should go well with the wood top.

  35. I have recently purchased Champlain it was always my go to colour however my last jar has a very yellow tone I tried to touch up my cabinets I had painted and there is a definite difference in the colour …does not have the grey undertones as before so disappointed

    1. Unfortunately Tammy each jar of paint has a batch number and every batch of Champlain can be slightly different. I’m sorry that happened but unless we know the batch number of the original paint used the touch up color may be slightly off.

  36. Hello. I am going to be painting my kitchen in a neutral color called Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. My bay window blinds are white. My question is: I wish to paint my kitchen cabinets a white color. Agreeable Gray is a light gray. Should I go with Picket White or Casement? I’m thinking Picket Fence might be too white. Casement too off white? I think I like Casement better, but will it go going d with the gray? Thank you..

    1. Picket Fence and Casement in person are almost the same with the slightest of difference in color. Both are bright whites not off whites and are very neutral. I’m familiar with Agreeable Gray and I think either would go well with it. If it were me I’d pick Casement just because it tends to have better coverage than Picket Fence due to the pigments in it. Hope this helps! I also have a post on my blog with a step by step on painting your cabinets with Fusion.

  37. My house is kind of dark and I want to lighten up my breakfast nook by painting my chairs and table base white. I have creamy-white cabinets and my walls are painted cloud white. In the rest of my home (which is very visible from the breakfast nook I have paint with a slightly more grey undertone. I’m thinking going with casement to split the difference. Thoughts? I don’t want to go bright white but I don’t want to compete with e undertones in my paint especially since I hope to not have to do this again!

  38. Can you tell me the closest color to DB’s “Drop Cloth”? I’ve purchased before, just can’t remember. I believe it was Champlain.

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